Welcome to Aptumus

Helping people and organisations surf the waves of continuous change

Continuous change is the nature of the world in which we all live and work today. Aptumus’s purpose is to equip people and organisations to succeed in this world, one that we believe requires some quite different mindsets, structures and leadership approaches from those on which most organisations have been created and run.

The concept behind Aptumus has been many years in the making: that change is a business as usual competency that everybody needs to possess, and that it needs to be embedded in all aspects of how an organisation operates. This is not achieved through yet another large change programme, but by transforming the organisation into a platform for continuous change. It requires a vision, a joined-up plan and a willingness to start on the journey through a series of iterated steps, each of which leaves the organisation in fundamentally better shape than it was before. Think of it like the progression from having a muddy field to a gravel path to a metalled road to an eight-lane motorway. Each step achieves an outcome significantly better than we had previously whilst at the same time setting the foundation for further improvement.