We are building our network of associates!

Interested in finding out more about becoming an associate of Aptumus?  More than anything else, we're looking for people who share our mission - "helping people and organisations surf the waves of continuous change" - and have the credibility and experience to work with our clients, helping to take them on what may be a challenging and difficult, yet exciting and rewarding journey towards creating organizations that are genuinely change-ready.  You'll be keen not only to learn about how we work with our clients, but to contribute to our own commitment to continuous improvement, recognising that we will learn from every client we work with, every experience we have.  

At this stage we are not recruiting permanent staff, although we intend to in the not too distant future, with a view to operating a hybrid employee / associate model.  So if you'd like to find out more, just flip over to the Contact page and get in touch.